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Belgrade is not the biggest, nor the oldest, and not the most beautiful city in the world, but some say it is one of the happiest – it is a metaphor, a way of life, the angle of looking at things …

The central position between East and West, accessibility, proximity, no visa requirement for east and west and political neutrality determined that we chose Belgrade as a host city of Wealth Forum.

We cordially invite you to visit another Belgrade Wealth Forum that will be held at the Hotel Falkensteiner on 28th and 29th of September 2017 year. Please visit our EVENT page.

First Belgrade Wealth Forum

The first Belgrade wealth forum was held in June 2016 in the Hotel Metropol. Bearing in mind the interest of the participants for the exposed subjects and the presence of foreign guests at the level of 30%, this years Wealth Forum will be held in the Hotel Falkensteiner with much larger audience, wider choice of topics in the field of Wealth Management and in cooperation with world renowned partners in this field.